Thermal Management: Aluminium Graphite
Heat Sinks & Heat Spreaders


Current power electronic systems are continuously designed to be smaller, lighter, and faster.

As a result, the heat sinks and heat spreaders contained therein must follow suit whilst upholding the performance and quality of the system. This integrity is oftentimes negatively impacted by the thermal mismatch between the heat sink and the semiconductor, or substrate, materials.


This leads to mechanical stress within the system and negatively impacts upon the reliability and lifetime of the module. This issue can be negated by using heat sinks and heat spreaders made of Aluminium Graphite as the material has a CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) that is similar to those of the semiconductors and substrates.

An additional advantage is that the composite material has a significantly higher thermal diffusivity than metals and can therefore remove the heat more rapidly.


The low density of Aluminium Graphite noticeably reduces the total weight of the components.


The excellent machineability of Aluminium Graphite allows for the ready inclusion of various features such as holes, microchannels, and pedestals.

The net result of these advantages makes Aluminium Graphite an ideal material for coolers and heat sinks, as used in RF-applications, for example.

Furthermore, the cost-to-performance ratio is skewed in favour of Aluminium Graphite when compared to materials with similar properties.